Our Story


Family Life Wesleyan Church has a rich history, spanning nearly two centuries.




Over 161 years ago Reverend Hodkiss began organizing a new gathering at the Rowley Schoolhouse with the desire to start a church so that the people of this area might experience new life in Jesus Christ. Throughout the course of our 161 year history this church has been an active part of Webbervile, Williamston, Perry and surrounding communities.


This core belief throughout the years has given birth to our current mission statement, BELIEVE. LOVE. DISCIPLE.. To Believe in Jesus as our Lord and Savior is the heart of our church and message.  To love God and love others is to obey God’s word, the bible and live our lives on a daily basis to share his love with others. To disciple is bringing others along in a faith in Christ and a unity with the church. With the BELIEVE. LOVE. DISCIPLE. approach in our ministry we are able to live out the great commission and great commandment in our communities and world.

Time, culture and needs have changed the way we serve throughout our years but the foundation of BELIEVE. LOVE. DISCIPLE. has not. We value where we have come from as a church and find great strength and encouragement knowing that our past has built a foundation of risk taking, innovation and change for our future.