MOSAIC is a ministry that is committed to connecting young adults to the church and to community. The name MOSAIC takes on many meanings. It is commonly used to define the young adult generation. However, it is also a work of art created by many various pieces coming together to form a beautiful, unique masterpiece. At Family Life, we desire young adults to be a part of our church family, to serve alongside various generations, and to bring your unique giftedness and perspective to our local church body.

We offer a mid-week gathering throughout the school year along with Small Group on Sundays. Our vision of being a multi-generational church is to bring the wisdom of the adults to the young adults through mentoring and discipleship. By being paired up with a mentor, you have the opportunity to grow and develop both in your faith as well as learn basic life skills that will help you in your years of transformation from youth to adult. Currently we are meeting weekly throughout the summer on Thursday evenings. For information on where we are meeting contact Pastor Ron, at


Thursday evenings at 7pm
Sunday evenings at 7pm
Location varies